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75-02/22 Broadway, LLC
Renovation of two commercial buildings


Al-Iman Center

Sheik Mohamed Elsayed Chairman, Board of Trustees

As the Chairman of the Al-Iman Center, I was given the responsibility to find and hire an architectural team to reconstruct the existing mosque and expand the structure into an elementary school for young Muslims in Astoria, Queens. Based on Jacqueline Velez’s rigorous design background, construction management skills, and experience with building code and zoning, we decided to hire JMV Architect, PLLC. Without a doubt, Jacqueline and her team surpassed our expectations by creating a welcoming space that resembles unity, peace, and purpose.

We were highly impressed by Jacqueline’s design qualities to create a complex that was inspired by Islamic architecture. She paid attention to us to understand who we are, where we come from, and what we want the new education and religious center to do. She completed a thorough analysis of the site, of the events at the Mosque and how it operated throughout the years. She successfully maximized the permitted floor area to allow users to experience the educational center completely.

It was a pleasure to work with Jacqueline and her team. Jacqueline constantly provided updates with the design and construction phases. She walked us through the process of renovating the existing mosque and the inclusion of a new structure. She provided us with multiple design schemes to ensure our vision goals are met.

Al-Iman Center is beyond grateful to Jacqueline and her team for her dedication to making our vision come true to include a safe space for the Muslim community. We recommend JMV Architect, PLLC, for a great design outcome, professionalism, and efficiency. Thank you, Jacqueline!

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